From Founding Bumps to Inside Edge

First, a thank you to all my loyal Founding Bumps blog readers. I’m thankful to each of you for subscribing and telling me you wanted to hear my voice and my story. It’s been a crazy almost three-year journey since I started this blog in May of 2014. And I’m happy to say I continue to heal and get great news from my cancer tests. In February, the repeat of my Oncoblot test again came back NEGATIVE – no malignant cells detected! Whew!!

A lot has happened since my last post in August 2016. In addition to continuing my self-healing process, I completed life coach training with the Martha Beck Institute — what an amazing experience. And I launched my new coaching practice for life & leadership – Inside Edge Coaching. I’m excited to support entrepreneurs, executives, next generation leaders, wholeness seekers, writers and artists in their quest to define their passion and purpose and discover what’s holding them back from living their ideal life.

My blog has moved over to my new website. I hope you will check it out and subscribe again. I’m feeling renewed enthusiasm for blogging and look forward to the conversation with you as I dig even deeper on life and leadership, rest and play, and thriving on the way to wholeness.

In gratitude,



The Artist’s Way: Writing My Way to Wellness

FB writing 12 weeks

On April 1, I took my writing journey to the next level. I started a 12-week exercise in writing as prescribed by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I’m told the only way to truly be a writer is to…well…write…a lot! One of my writer friends recommended Cameron’s book as a way to leap ahead as a writer. And since writing is now clearly a part of my path, it seemed like the perfect companion for the next few months. It will hold me accountable and provide a little structure to my writing. I even signed a “contract” saying I would commit and do it.

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Ladies’ Day on the Open Road: Day 4

The Big D Delivers

Our Unplanned Spring Break Trek continued with new twists and turns on Day 4 as we explored Dallas guided by our mantras of “staying in the present” and “letting our trip unfold.” Team Edge clearly needed a break from each other, so the girls headed for girl stuff and the guys headed for guy stuff. Art, shopping, and nails were on me and my daughter’s wish list, while my husband and son headed to the John F. Kennedy assassination museum at the Book Bindery and the go-cart racing track (I’m sure you can guess which experience enthralled my 13-year-old son more!). Continue reading

Footloose and Fancy Free in the Big “D”: Day 3

FB Spring has Sprung!As we moseyed south on our Unplanned Spring Break Trek, we fully expected Spring color to became more and more prevalent. Day 2 of traveling had hinted of spring with red buds and dogwoods peaking through the hills. But on Day 3, when our trek took us into Dallas and to our first adventure—the Dallas Botanical Gardens—we got to experience spring blooms in their full unadulterated glory. Continue reading

Scenic Byways, Vistas and Views: Day 2


A crisp and bright morning greeted us on Day 2 of our Unplanned Spring Break Trek. The Tenkiller Lodge had done its job in giving us clean and quiet shelter for the night. But the sugary, white flour-based array of continental breakfast muffins, donuts, and cereals that awaited us did not fit my diet bill. So finding a breakfast spot was our first priority. Without much nearby, we headed south and 35 miles based on the directional and distance guidance from our popsicle sticks and dice. Continue reading